Spring Acrostic Poems

WALT write an acrostic poem 20.5.15

Spring is finally here I cannot wait to play outside
Playing outside in the hot beaming sun
Rabbits hopping in the golden sun
Imagine bees buzzing in cool breeze
New cute baby animals born every minute
Getting ready for exploring the bright green woods

By a year 3 child in Y3LM

Blog Safety.

At Spalding Parish Church of England Day School we use the internet to help us learn, inside and outside of school. We are very careful to stay safe online and we regularly discuss e safety in school. Please remember to follow these rules when on the blog.

Just a few points to remember:-
We only use our first names
We do not write any personal information- where we live, where we are at the time of writing etc.
We are always kind in what we write
We do not arrange to meet up with people that we have met on-line
If we feel uncomfortable with anything that we can see on-line we tell an adult straight away

Class teachers read every post written by children in their classes. Teachers will not approve comments that show personal information of any kind, is not kind or relevant to the discussion or subject set. Please be careful to post your comments on the correct page by following the link from your year group.


In Y3EW we have been designing and making Greek pots out of clay.  We had tools but the main tool was our hands.  We had to roll our clay into a ball then push our thumb in the middle to make a hole.  Then we had to make the sides thinner by squashing the sides with our fingers and thumb.  Then we could do any extra bits.


Pollyanna Rose